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1. When are your hours of operation?
2. What is the Department of Public Safety’s telephone number?
3. To whom and where do I send my reinstatement fee?
4. Who do I call to find out about the status of my driver license?
5. Who do I call about a tag transfer or renewal?
6. Who do you call about a stop sign or a red light?
7. Can I obtain a copy of my driving record?
8. What are the requirements of D.P.S.?
9. What number do I call about District Court cases, civil and/or criminal?
10. Who gets the money on a refund?
11. Why can’t the Court Clerk tell me what actions I should take?
12. How do I go to defensive driving school?
13. What victim services are available?
14. Can I obtain a copy of my history with the court?
15. Will the violation go on my driving record?