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  1. Jenks Fire and Rescue Patch
  2. Jenks Fire & Rescue
    1115 W 121st St
    Jenks, OK 74037
  3. I agree to serve the citizens of Jenks by serving as a Jenks Fire & Rescue Volunteer. I understand this commitment may be difficult, require a significant amount service hours and may involve hazardous duties that pose great risk to my health and well-being. Further, I understand that my service as a volunteer does not constitute employment and therefore does not make me eligible for wages or salary. In agreement, I promise to meet the following conditions:
  4. As a representative of the City, I agree to*
  5. Further, I understand that any failure on my part to follow these expectations may result in discipline, which may include dismissal as a volunteer responder for the City of Jenks.
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