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  1. Jenks Fire and Rescue Patch
  2. Jenks Fire & Rescue
    1115 W 121st St
    Jenks, OK 74037
  3. Purpose of Open Burning
  4. Description of Materials to be Burned
  5. Electronic Signature Agreement
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  8. Minimum Requirements for all Open Burning:
    MUST NOTIFY CITY OF JENKS EMERGENCY DISPATCH EACH MORNING PRIOR TO BURNING: (918-299-6311) • Applicant must keep a copy of permit with attendant at all times • Fire must be attended at all times and have extinguishment capabilities on hand • Wind speeds less than 10 mph • No current Tulsa County burn ban • May not burn if smoke is encroaching on any public roadway • The burning is conducted so that the contaminants do not adversely affect the ambient air quality of a city or town or create a nuisance to others • If Jenks Fire and Rescue must respond to the burn location and extinguish fire due to loss of control or other hazard the applicant may be charged a fee based on manpower used, equipment and other costs associated with the incident • At the discretion of the fire department supervisor burning may be halted and extinguished to maintain public safety • The initial burning may begin only between three hours after sunrise and three hours before sunset and additional fuel may not be intentionally added to the fire at times outside the limits stated above.
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