What else should I do when having a shelter or safe room installed?

The City of Jenks has created a registry of storm shelters and safe rooms within Jenks. This registry will be used by Emergency Responders in search and rescue operations if the need arises. We consider it very important that all shelter owners register so that their shelter or safe room and occupants can be located if the shelter or safe room was to be obstructed by debris. View the registration form online (PDF) or may be obtained at the Jenks Police Department. Please fill out the form and return it to the Jenks Police Department as directed on the form.

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1. Which types of safe rooms and storm shelters require a permit?
2. Does the City of Jenks allow storm shelters and safe rooms to be installed for residential purposes?
3. Can I have a safe room installed in the floor of my existing home in a garage, closet, etc.?
4. Who acquires the permit?
5. How long does it take to get a permit?
6. Where do I get a permit application?
7. Why does the permit application require a site plan?
8. What if I don’t know all this information that the permit requests?
9. What inspections are required during the installation of my storm shelter or safe room?
10. Who calls in the inspection?
11. Why are inspections needed?
12. What else should I do when having a shelter or safe room installed?
13. What is the summary of required inspections?