Why does the permit application require a site plan?

The City of Jenks requires a site plan for both outdoor and indoor shelter and safe room installations.

Outdoor Shelters

Outdoor shelters cannot be placed within the setbacks from property lines required by the zoning code, nor can they be installed within easements on the property, such as utility or drainage easements. These easements can typically be found on a copy of the mortgage plat, or by contacting the City of Jenks. The Jenks Zoning Code also requires that all shelters be placed in the rear yard of homes. The site plan for outdoor shelters must show property lines, the home, and the intended location of the shelter, with accurate dimensions from the shelter to the property lines and any easements related to your lot. This is usually accomplished by sketching the information onto a copy of the mortgage plat but can be drawn or printed on paper by the applicant as well.

Indoor Safe Rooms

Indoor safe rooms require a site plan showing the intended location and size or dimensions of the safe room, along with dimensions to the nearest walls on all sides. This information can be drawn onto a copy of construction blueprints or sketched accurately by the applicant on paper.

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