What are the court costs?

Court costs are fees and assessments assigned by the City and State. They are subject to change annually.

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1. Can I change my court date?
2. What will happen if I do not call and I do not show up for court?
3. What are the court costs?
4. Why do I have to pay court costs when I didn't go to court?
5. Can I appear earlier than my trial date and time and speak with the Judge?
6. How do I get an attorney?
7. What is a ‘court not of record’?
8. What attorney should I call to handle my case?
9. Can I represent myself in court?
10. What do I do if I don't think the judge got all the information about my case before I was found guilty?
11. What kind of sentences can be given through this court?
12. What happens at the court arraignment?
13. What sentence will I get if I plead guilty?
14. What happens at a trial?
15. If I pay my citation before my assigned court date, do I still have to appear in court?
16. What happens if I fail to appear at my arraignment?