No Knock List

In an effort to minimize unwanted solicitation, the Solicitors Ordinance was amended to include a No Knock List option available to all residents living within the city limits of Jenks. Being added to this list prohibits solicitors from visiting your home. The exception to this rule, however, is canvassers which are described below. For questions, call the City at 918-299-5883 or contact us using the form.

New registration

  1. See if your address is on the No Knock List already (PDF). [Current list as of 2023.11.03]
  2. If your address is not on the list, register here: No Knock Sign Up form (must reside in the city limits of Jenks) 

The No Knock List will be updated weekly on Fridays.

City code prohibits solicitors from knocking on your door if:

  • Your property is currently on the City's No Knock List, or
  • You have posted a visible "No Soliciting" sign

Please note that this Ordinance and No Knock List does not prohibit the practice of hanging door hangers or leaving fliers. It only prohibits solicitors from attempting to make contact with residents by knocking on your door. 

If you have concerns about a solicitor not following the guidelines of this ordinance, please contact the City or the Jenks Police Department non-emergency number at 918-299-6311. Please have the following information collected to pass along to the PD dispatcher if possible:

  • Physical description of individual
  • Name of solicitor's business/organization
  • Type of vehicle driven
  • License plate number

Solicitor Definition

A solicitor is any person attempting to make contact for the purpose of selling goods or services at the point of contact at his or her residence without prior specific invitation or appointment, whether or not the goods or services are actually delivered at the time of sales. Solicitors are required to:

  • Register with the City
  • Comply with the No Knock regulations

Canvasser definition

Canvassers are making contact for noncommercial purposes. They are not required to register with the City and are not held accountable to the requirements of the No Knock Ordinance. Nonprofit organizations such as the Girl or Boy Scouts and school fundraising drives are examples of canvassers. Canvasser activities advocate civic, religious, charitable or political causes and are exempt from this ordinance.