Animal Control & Pet Adoption


Animal Control is part of the Jenks Police Department. Animal Control responds to calls involving stray dogs and cats, select wildlife and animals running at large. Animal Control is dedicated to protecting the citizens of the City of Jenks and reducing the incidence of animal-inflicted injuries by promoting responsible pet ownership and the enforcement of animal control laws.

What Animal Control Does

Animal Control has many responsibilities including:

  • Capturing and impounding stray animals
  • Enforcing leash laws and other animal control ordinances
  • Promoting the adoption of animals

Dogs & Cats Animal Limit

Four dogs or cats, or a combination of each up to four, can reside in one household within city limits. In addition, up to four chickens (no roosters) may be kept. Please inquire about specific housing requirements. 

Exotic Animal Permit

In order to have an exotic animal, the owner must complete an exotic animal permit. For more information, call Animal Control at 918-299-6311 option 8.