The City of Jenks Finance department manages the financial operations to ensure that funds are spent in accordance with all federal and state laws, local ordinances, and governmental accounting principles.

Jenks Finance prepares and administers the annual operating and capital budget, oversees the preparation of the annual audit, invests cash reserves, manages the city’s investments, administers long-term financing for large purchases and projects, pay bills and debts, processes licenses and permits, and operates the city’s utility billing and collection program.

Local Tax

City of Jenks                            .03         (3%)

City of Jenks Vision 2025     .0055        (.55%)

Tulsa County                         .00367    (.3678%)

State of Oklahoma               .045         (4.5%)

For additional information please go to the Tulsa County Property Page

City Audit Report: City Of Jenks (COJ), Jenks Public Works Authority (JPWA) & Jenks Aquarium Authority (JAA)

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