Emergency Notices

Storm Season Reminders:

The City operates an outside storm siren system throughout the community to alert citizens of severe  weather which may be tracking to the Jenks area.  These sirens are initally sounded for a three minute period as an initial alert.  The wailing may be repeated.  Upon hearing a siren warning please access any available news outlet for further information.  It is always advisable to have a battery-operated radio and flashlight available.

National Weather Service


Citizen Actions
In the Event of a 
Public Emergency in the 
City of Jenks

In the event of a public emergency it may be necessary for individual citizens to take certain actions in order to protect life, limb, and/or property. Your local emergency officials will not ask you to leave your home or location unless there is a valid reason. Do not try and second-guess the validity of their request.

Public Emergencies.  Most probable public emergencies might include tornado, high winds, hail, flooding, fire, explosion, and failure or interruption of key utility services such as electric power, natural gas, water, and sanitary services.

Prepare in Advance of the Emergency.  It is the responsibility of each citizen to have an individual plan of action in the event of certain public emergencies to include weather and non-weather related. Take time individually and with other members of a household or business to plan courses of immediate action such as having identification, access to shelter, access to transportation, access to a limited amount of food and water, access to a minimum supply of medications, and access to communication devices such as telephone, battery-powered radio, television, and internet. Remember to consider the special requirements of those individuals with limited mobility and to the needs of pets. Every member of the household or business should plan as to how they will remain in contact with each other or how they will notify a party away from the emergency as to whereabouts and needs.

Advance Warning.  In some cases a public emergency may have some advance warning such as in approaching severe weather or possible flooding conditions. Individuals should listen to local media if such situations appear to be developing. The City maintains an outside siren warning system for such conditions, but such a system is simply to alert individuals outside to take cover and to seek additional information from electronic sources such as radio and television announcements or through the use of telephone communications. Individuals should take appropriate actions based upon those announcements and to act directly in accordance with any such announcements made through this means by directives of local officials.

No Warning. If no advance warning is received and a public emergency exists, immediately seek electronic information as to conditions and if possible and appropriate implement the personal, individual advance preparation. If none has been made, then seek out those items indicated above, if circumstances allow.

Public Notification. Official announcements regarding the scope of the public emergency and what actions may be necessary will be announced in the name of the Mayor of the City. If common electronic notifications are not possible, local officials will attempt to assess all effected areas of the community as soon as possible to determine the needs of all individuals. These officials will simultaneously give individuals in the assessed areas instructions as to what personal actions may be necessary for the immediate period of time. Please follow such instructions exactly. Individuals may also be requested to assist fellow citizens if possible by the local officials who will suggest possible actions which might be helpful. Local officials will be prioritizing available resources to be used in the most useful means toward saving life, limb, and property in that order and towards establishing public order that will quickly achieve these purposes.

Emergency Personnel.  Emergency personnel will be a variety of people from Police Officers, to Fire Fighters, to Paramedics, to Public Works staff, etc. Depending on the situation any individual from any of these groups may provide a useful service to affected individuals. Please follow their directions as requested. Please remember that an order by a Police Officer must be followed absolutely.

Evacuations.  If it should be necessary to evacuate an area of the community, public officials will so indicate through electronic means if they are available.  If such means are not available such notice will be given on-site. Individuals should follow these instructions carefully.  Such instructions will at a minimum indicate the route(s) of the evacuation, suggest possible destinations, and indicate a manner in which to receive follow-up information as may be required.  Keep a map on hand that will enable you to take a route that may be unfamiliar to you.  Plan to take one vehicle per household.  This will keep family members together and reduce the number of cars on your particular evacuation route. 

Tracking Individuals and Reporting Emergency Needs.  Local officials will establish through public notifications channels a Public Information Center for individuals to find out about each other as soon as possible following a public emergency as well as to report particular special needs for assistance. Please give as much identification and contact information as possible upon making such contact to the Public Information Center. If telephone service is operational that number will be 918.299.5883.

Specialized Offers of Assistance.  Depending upon the nature of a public emergency, some individuals may have specialized equipment or other services that may be useful to local officials.  Such offers of assistance also can be made in care of the Public Information Center.

The most effective recovery from a public emergency is working together as a community.