Jenks Firefighters Train For Rescues On Thin Ice

Dec 12, 2013

Six-year-old Jorge Luna, who died last weekend after he fell through the ice on Tulsa's Joe Creek, is one of 11 people statewide who have died due to the recent winter storm. And the body of 15-year-old Claremore boy, Keith Chambers was found in an icy pond Tuesday.

Frozen ponds and creeks are a very real danger during the winter months. That's why Jenks firefighters are out training right now on the best way to pull someone out of the frigid waters.

"It's a more realistic scenario," said Captain Paul Jenkins. "The guys can feel how difficult it is to get up across the ice."

Pushing their way through an ice-covered pond, Jenks firefighters got about as close to a real-life winter water rescue as possible.

"The ice is going to break up underneath them. They have to maneuver their way through it, so it's better than any classroom experience," Jenkins said.

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