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Communications / 9-1-1 Dispatch

The staff of the Jenks Police Department Communications Division often serves as an individual’s first point of contact with the Police Department, either through 9-1-1 emergency telephone calls at times of extreme stress or through routine telephone calls. If for that reason alone- that first point of contact- the Communications Division is a critical part of the organization. But there are a multitude of other reasons why the role of the Communications Center staff is so vital to the effective and efficient operation of the Department.

The Dispatchers are a critical link between the community and the Police Officers in the field. The Dispatcher works with Police Officers on a regular basis to solve crisis situations, to assist individuals and other Department members seeking information and to ensure that communication between community members and Police Officers in the field flows efficiently and effectively.

Dispatchers also assist individuals who come to the police station. The type of inquiries they receive can range from emergency situations needing immediate police service, such as a report of a crime in progress, to providing an individual with directions to a local City business. The Jenks Police Department utilizes a state-of-the-art computer system to facilitate those communications, simplify reporting in the field and maintain required records. Dispatchers also process requests for information and documents from other law enforcement and government agencies.

Dispatchers also provide Police Officers with a wide variety of support services such as conducting wanted person checks by computer through the state and national law enforcement computer networks, conducting driver’s license and vehicle registration checks by computer, communicating with other area police communications centers to obtain necessary information and countless other vital services. Yet another duty of the Dispatchers, one that is obviously no less important than Police Department communication services, is to provide communication/dispatch service for the Jenks Fire Department.

The staff of the Communications Division includes one Communications Supervisor, four full-time Dispatchers and two part-time Dispatchers who serve as back-up employees when the other full-time employees are on vacation, on days off, at training, sick or injured.

The job of a Dispatcher is clearly not suitable for everyone. It is a highly stressful position in a highly stressful environment, sometimes demanding that critical decisions be made very quickly. But at the same time the Dispatcher is a highly trained professional whose mission is to provide the highest quality of service to the community and the Department.

As a reminder, if you need to report an emergency, contact the Jenks Police Department by calling 9-1-1. Do not call 9-1-1 for a situation that is not an emergency. If you need to report a non-emergency or are requesting general police information, call the Department at (918) 299-6311.

Detective Division
The Jenks Police Department patrol officers who respond to incidents every day and conduct preliminary investigations are highly trained professionals who are normally fully capable of conducting the appropriate follow-up investigations of the majority of the incidents they encounter. But sometimes patrol officers encounter incidents that they simply cannot investigate in their assignment as patrol officers. These incidents demand specialized investigative expertise, coordinated assistance from outside law enforcement agencies and/or a significant investment of time and personnel. The Patrol Services Division is not designed to provide those types of investigative service.

Although the members of the Detective Division have been thoroughly trained in the recovery, processing and storage of physical evidence and contemporary investigative techniques, sometimes the nature or severity of the crime demands even more expertise. In such cases, the Investigations Section can and will call upon and work with outside law enforcement resources at the County, state or federal level.

The Detective Division staff regularly attends training seminars to ensure that they are proficient in contemporary evidence recovery and investigative techniques. Training for a Detective, and for that matter any Police Officer, is a never-ending process as law enforcement techniques and tactics continually evolve at a rapid pace. To ensure that the lines of communication remain open and that information flows freely among all the law enforcement agencies in the County, the region, the state and at the federal level, members of the Detective Division regularly attend meetings with those outside law enforcement agencies to exchange ideas and information.

If you have any information regarding unsolved crimes in Jenks or the surrounding area, we encourage you to contact the Detective listed in our Contact/About Us section.

Patrol Division
Our Patrol Division Officers, from the Chief of Police to Police Officer, are trained to provide a high visibility police presence and 24/7 police service to the community. These are the officers you see on a daily basis on the streets of our community.

One of the goals of the Patrol Division is to provide professional, effective and responsive police service to the community.  The Department emphasizes pro-active problem-solving policing in which officers are responsible for not only pro-actively detecting problems or issues in the community, but even more importantly they are responsible for developing solutions to those problems or issues by working in partnerships with members of the community.

Our Patrol Division Officers use marked black and white police vehicles, to include cars and sport utility vehicles. The black and white police vehicles are each outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment including front and rear-mounted radar speed detection units, in-car cameras, less-than-lethal alternative firearms and a variety of firearms designed to be selected for the specific circumstances of an incident.  This is only a very brief overview of the Patrol Division and its responsibilities. In fact, the responsibilities of the Patrol Division are as diverse, as flexible as the ever-changing demands of each call for police service. One call for police service, one interaction between a Police Officer and a member of the community, is never the exactly the same as the next call for service or the next interaction.

Records Division
The Jenks Police Department Records Division has a significant responsibility in the organization. It is responsible for receiving, reviewing, filing and managing all the critical written documentation generated by the Department related to not only criminal activities but also most of the “routine” daily activities of the organization. Managing that documentation within the Department is vital to the successful investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses. It is just as essential that the written documentation be managed within strict legal mandates regarding the confidentiality and release of information.

The Records Division closely manages the dissemination of information from the Department to outside sources including involved individuals, attorneys, other law enforcement agencies and the news media. It is important to understand that the dissemination of information from the Department is strictly regulated by law.  Many times it is not that the Department is unwilling to release information on an incident to an individual or the news media; many times it is that the Department is legally prohibited from releasing the requested information.  If you have any questions about obtaining a copy of a report, our Records Division will be happy to discuss it with you further.

The Records Division is open to the public during the normal work week, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and closed on weekends and legal holidays.