Voters approve Vision propositions by wide margins

Apr 15, 2016

Voters approve the propositions by at least 60 percent and some surpass 70 percent.

Jenks’ proposition, which chiefly funds one of the low-water dams, received nearly 80 percent approval.

“The city of Jenks is a river city and the Arkansas River serves as a gateway to our community,” said Jenks Mayor Kelly Dunkerley. “Tonight, we have made history for the city of Jenks and, together, we will create a new landscape and new opportunities for the growth of our region.”

“Voters in the cities of Jenks and Tulsa took a monumental step toward finally realizing a plan to bolster our greatest natural asset, the Arkansas River,” said Chamber Chief Executive Officer Mike Neal. “After sixty years of plans, discussions and failed opportunities to invest, after tonight’s vote, we will finally begin to see river development take shape.”

World Staff Writer Jarrel Wade contributed to this story.

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