Five questions with Josh Driskell of Jenks Chamber of Commerce

Jun 05, 2015

Josh Driskell is president of the Jenks Chamber of Commerce. He also operates the chamber’s 501©(3). He has degrees from Tulsa Community College and the University of Tulsa.

1. Jenks is the fastest-growing city in Oklahoma. Are we also seeing a similar fast growth in Jenks businesses?

Jenks business growth is accelerating. We’ve reached a point where the next several years will see business growth outpace our residential growth significantly. That kind of expansion is going to be as exciting as the unprecedented growth of our housing these past years.


2. Though Jenks has grown fast, there’s relatively little available land for housing. Will that have an effect on pricing and availability going forward?

What we’re seeing in our residential housing is that land most would consider easy to develop is generally taken. What that means is that future growth will be challenging, but it lends itself to more creative ideas and solutions and to pricing that may be greater than the current average.


3. Simon Properties plans to relocate the proposed outlet mall to Jenks. How would that fit in with the current business environment in Jenks?

While I can’t speak specifically to that particular development, Jenks has been preparing itself over the past decade or so for aggressive retail growth. Because of the tax increment finance districts put in place, in addition to road and infrastructure investments made by Jenks residents, we’re well-positioned to welcome that sort of development.


4. Development on The Village on Main has been quiet, at least publicly. Is the project continuing to develop?

Village on Main is absolutely moving forward. In the past year, we’ve had the opening of First Oklahoma Bank’s headquarters on-site and the completion of the parking garage next door. In the near future, we expect to see more construction across the development.


5. How does Jenks’ reputation as an antiquing center have an effect attracting new businesses or residents?

Antiques have long been a downtown attraction for Jenks. As we’ve worked to incorporate an arts element into downtown, we’ll see the area prosper and continue to attract artists, boutiques and other unique retailers.

Downtown Jenks today has a diverse offering of businesses from Oklahoma Kayak a few blocks off Main to City Cycles, located on Main next to our traditional antiques stores. People are drawn to downtown Jenks and the strollability of that area. We have a lot of developments underway now that will serve to strengthen what we’ve already got there.