First Oklahoma Bank opens new headquarters in Jenks

Jan 09, 2015


The First Oklahoma Bank’s new headquarters located at the Village on Main in Jenks is now open.

About 150 people, including employees, city leaders and bank investors, attended the dedication ceremony of the bank’s new six-story, 60,000-square-foot headquarters, which replaces the space it had occupied at CityPlex Towers at 81st Street and Lewis Avenue.

A grand opening will be held after the start of 2015 when the parking garage is finished.

“We were attracted here because of the dynamic growth here in the south part of Tulsa County. There is energy. There is excitement about what is going on,” said Tom Bennett Jr., co-CEO and chairman of First Oklahoma. “When I first moved to Tulsa back in the ’80s, this was out in the country, kind of. Now there is new business, new homes. It’s just a really exciting place to be.”

First Oklahoma Holdings Inc., the bank’s parent company, was formed in 2008. It established First Oklahoma Bank on Nov. 4, 2009, through the acquisition of Glencoe State Bank, becoming a $9.6 million asset bank in the process. At the end of last month, First Oklahoma Bank had grown to $340 million in assets.

In 2010, First Oklahoma Bank opened its midtown Tulsa site at 41st Street and Rockford Avenue.

As the bank has quickly grown, its long-term plan and vision have been expanded and readjusted, with the aim now of becoming a $1 billion bank by 2023, Bennett said.

Recently, the bank company hired its 100th person. About 75 of the bank employees work at the new Jenks headquarters.

“We believe it’s a blessing. We believe it’s extraordinary that God gives us the opportunity to do what we do ... But beyond that, it’s intentional,” said Bennett.

The bank has created a capital structure that consists of 238 families who have invested $36 million in the bank.

“We have gone out and hired extraordinary people. We have set our sights on what a billion-dollar bank looks like, and we’re heading off in that direction,” Bennett said.

Construction on the Jenks headquarters began in December 2012. Adolfson & Peterson Construction did the construction while Kinslow, Keith and Todd was the architect. Ginni & Jolene Designs provided the interior while Alaback Design Associates did the landscaping.

Because the bank has grown faster than initially anticipated, First Oklahoma now occupies four full floors of the six-story building, including the first, second, third and fifth floors, Bennett said.

It has leased the sixth floor to Wagon Wheel Exploration LLC, a Tulsa-based oil and gas exploration and production company, and should have the fourth floor fully occupied by the end of the year, he added.

The six-story structure also features a three-story tower on top, creating the appearance of a nine-story building. A huge flag sits atop.

The building is not only pretty, but every night it will put on a “light show,” made possible by Aspen Electrical Services, said Bennett. He noted that the building can change colors.


“This is going to be a fun place. We hope people come by day to make deposits and come in the evenings to watch the light show,” said Bennett.


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