Oklahoma Aquarium getting sea turtle exhibit

Jan 09, 2015

Jenks Mayor Lonnie Sims said the $1.3 million aquarium project approved by the Vision Authority will finally clear the way for the sea turtles to be seen by the public.

The animals have been staying in the aquarium’s quarantine area while money is raised to complete the exhibit, Sims said.

“They have been behind the scenes for a long time, but the public hasn’t really been able to see these rascals, so I just think it is going to be tremendous for the aquarium,” Sims said.

The shell of the aquarium has been constructed, he said.

According to the application presented to the Vision Authority, the $1.3 million will be used to complete construction of the exhibit, add graphics and other displays, transfer animals from the Caribbean Reef Exhibit and other related projects.

Sims said he was grateful for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for the project provided by the Oxley and Oklahoma Aquarium foundations.

No completion date has been set, Sims said, but he expects the project to move forward rapidly now that the funding is in place.

“This to me really sets the stage for our future in that it gives us another anchor exhibit at the aquarium,” Sims said. “I think it will be every bit as big as the shark exhibit, if not bigger.”

-Tulsa World, By KEVIN CANFIELD World Staff Writer