Please follow these steps for setting up the water/waste for your home or business:

 Please print and fill out the water application form. Click here for the Application for Service. This form also includes waste removal set up. (If you are one of our Creek County customers and only use waste removal, please fill it out as well).

           Once you have completed the application you may either:

a.  Bring this in person to our water revenue office located at 211 N Elm in City Hall. You will also need to pay a deposit. See below Deposit Prices. You can pay with cash, credit (visa & mastercard), check, or money order. Please make the check/money order out to: JPWA. 

b.  Mail it to PO Box 2007, Jenks, OK 74037. You will need to mail a check or money order for the deposit. Please view the Deposit Prices below. Make the check or money order out to: JPWA

All of our active accounts do require a deposit. The deposit cannot be waived with a letter of credit. It is refundable. If you are a Landlord, ask about our convenient Landlord deposit program.

Deposits Prices are as follows:

·         Renting/Leasing: $85

·         Purchased: $60

·         Commercial: $110

·         Waste Removal ONLY: $20

 Applications need to be in by 2:00 pm the day of service, if you need to have it on by today please make sure to have it in by 2:00 pm. 


Water Department Location: 211 North Elm Street, first floor

Hours: 8 am–5 pm, Monday through Friday