Construction Project Updates


♦  Beginning on Wednesday, April 5 or Thursday, April 6 (depending upon the weather), the City of Jenks will have crews working on 121st St. from Elm to Florence Ave, Florence Ave. from 121st St. to 126th St., 126th St. from Florence to Harvard, and Harvard from 126th St. to 131st St. performing an asphalt overlay.

This work will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. This schedule is depending upon the weather.

Be aware that there will be fresh oil put down on the street prior to the installation of asphalt. While crews are working there will be signs and flaggers present and the street will be shut down to one lane where the work is being performed.


♦  Main Street - Elm Street to U.S. 75
This project has been designed and is currently in the utility relocation phase.  All utilities should be relocated by Fall 2016.  This project should be awarded to contractor by early 2017.

♦  111th – Elwood to U.S. 75
This project is in the design phase.  The concept is to construct a 5-lane intersection with left turn lanes and full signalization and to make 111th Street 3 lanes. Acquisition of right of way should be complete by Fall 2016 and construction start by Summer 2017.

♦  Elwood (Main to 111th)
This project is being designed.  The concept is to construct an improved 2-lane street between Main Street and 111th Street.

♦  111th Street Trail (Elm to Elwood)
Project has been awarded and scheduled to begin in April.  This is a Vision 2025 project.

♦  Downtown ADA Sidewalk Project - 3rd Street between Main Street and Aquarium Place
Project has been awarded and scheduled to begin in April.  This is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project that will continue to expand the City’s efforts to make the Downtown area along Main Street and adjacent streets more pedestrian-friendly by adding ADA compliant sidewalks, drainage facilities and paving.

♦  Main Street (Date Street east to TSU Railroad)
The concept of this project is to improve the existing 3 lane configuration of Main Street and add curbing, drainage and landscaping to this portion of downtown.  Final design is expected to be completed by Summer 2017 and under construction in 2019.

♦  Elm Street (111th Street to 131st Street)
Engineering design was recently initiated to expand Elm Street to 5 lanes from 111th Street to approximately 125th Street South and transition to 3 lanes to 131st Street.  A pedestrian trail will be included along the 5-lane segment.  Design is expected to be completed in late 2017.

♦  Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure Master Plan
This project collected data and usage of the City of Jenks sanitary sewer system which was then used to analyze the capacity and efficiency of the system.  That analysis is now being used to prioritize the City’s needs for future capital spending to expand and/or upgrade the sewer system.

♦  Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities Master Plan
This project will evaluate the use and operation of the wastewater treatment plant.  Information and engineering data will be used to prioritize needs for future capital projects to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant.