Commercial Building Permit

Commercial Building Permit must include:

  • One (1) set of full size plans
  • One (1) set of specifications, site/plan survey and legal description
  • One (1) set of 11 x 17 size plans
  • One (1) set of 11 x 17 size civil / utility plans
  • Two (2) CDs with digital copy of plans
  • Letter from Health Department approving plans for Restaurants and other establishments under their jurisdiction

Permits will normally be issued within ten (10) days for a commercial development. This timetable is subject to increase without notice according to a number of factors, which may include: seasonal workload, project size, unusual zoning issues, or necessitation of interaction with other departments or agencies.
For inquiries, please contact (918) 299-5883.

Commerical Building Permit

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