Enter The See The Sea Turtles First Class Competition

Jan 24, 2017





This spring, the Oklahoma Aquarium will open a major new exhibit, Sea Turtle Island. Presented by The Oxley Foundation, it will feature two 300-pound loggerhead sea turtles, reef sharks and other tropical fish in a 65,000-gallon tank. The sea turtles can be viewed from three levels, plus an underwater observation station for children. Educational components will highlight the endangered status of sea turtles and their important role in the wild. We want your class to be among our sea turtles’ first visitors with a free field trip including transportation! Enter our See The Sea Turtles First Class Competition for a chance to attend to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Sea Turtle Island on February 28, 2017.*

To enter the contest, your class must create a project with a sea turtle theme. It can be a photo collage, diorama, video, poster or anything that communicates the subject matter. Choose a title for your project to announce your theme, for example: “The Importance Of Sea Turtles” or "Helping Our Endangered Sea Turtles." It's entirely up to you.

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*In the event of inclement weather, the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be rescheduled to March 2nd or 3rd. If weather concerns persist, it will be rescheduled at management’s discretion.